How to Rotate Your PCs Screen or Fix a Sideways Screen

November 17, 2022 | Tags: Windows

The only fix for this was to reconnect, put the buds back in the case and take them out a few seconds later, or to simply keep using Mono Audio in video calls. AirPods are completely wireless Bluetooth earbuds and they are designed for iOS devices. But you can use them with other devices, like PCs and Android phones. This post shows you how to connect AirPods to Windows 10 and to Android phones. Once done, restart your PC, and Driversol Windows will automatically reinstall the latest driver into it. After that, pair your Airpods with your computer and check if they connect.

This applies for business copies of Pro and Enterprise. The product key will be removed and you will see a “Product key from Registry cleared successfully” message. In the Command Prompt window, type “slmgr –cpky” and press Enter. However, we assure you that when compared to other websites offering free Windows 10 product keys, the majority of product keys on our website are usable. Once you have deactivated all protections provided by the Windows Defender, you can activate Windows and then activate Windows Defender.

Windows 10 Screenshot Keyboard Shortcuts

If any are available and listed after the scan, click on Download & install. Click on Check for updates on the right to scan for any available newer versions of the OS. Wait for Windows to scan for the best available driver and install it for the Bluetooth adapter.

  • You can write a simple VBScript to read the Product key of your Windows installation.
  • Along with being faster and smoother, Windows 10 is better at managing memory and disk space.
  • Here’s how to use both built-in Windows screenshot tools and other shortcuts for taking screenshots in Windows 10 and Windows 11, so you can decide which you like best.
  • In other words, they may only work if Windows came preinstalled, and not if you built the machine yourself and installed/activated Windows.

Android 12 introduced the concept of a “Performance Class” to make it easier for app developers to determine if a device is capable of performing highly-demanding tasks. For example, say a social media app offers a real-time video processing effect as a feature, but the developer wants to control which devices it’s available on to ensure a good user experience. The Android 13 release includes new methods in the CameraManager class that let apps get and set the torch strength level. Only devices that report a value greater than 1 when apps use CameraCharacteristics.FLASH_INFO_STRENGTH_MAXIMUM_LEVEL will support programmatically setting the brightness of the flashlight.

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Android 10 introduced the concept of “Scoped Storage” to restrict applications’ access to files on external storage directories. One of the biggest changes introduced with Scoped Storage is the restriction of what files can be accessed if an app holds Android’s READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission. In conjunction with this change, Google planned to make it so apps targeting Android 13 would no longer be granted the SCHEDULE_EXACT_ALARM permission at install time.

New iOS App Blocks Those Annoying ‘Open in App’ Pop-Ups in Safari

After getting your shot, a notification will pop up letting you know it’s copied to your clipboard. Click “Save Snip” to save your image to a location of your choosing. Sign up to get the best content of the week, and great gaming deals, as picked by the editors. But if you go too far, you’ll blow the image out, and it’ll look like a nuclear bomb has just gone off. Increasing the exposure can also reduce or erase the detail around light sources or shadows, so as with all things, find the right balance depending on what you want to convey. Portraits can be close-ups of characters’ faces, full-body shots, and everything in between.